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Colin Mcrae Rally 2 Crack No Cd | Checked !!LINK!!

Ferrex MYTH IS PROUD TO PRESENT : Colin McRae Rally 2.0 *WORKING* (c) Codemasters SUPPLIED BY : Sunny Delight RELEASE SIZE : 63 * 2.88MB CRACKED BY : MYTH TEAM RELEASE DATE : 08/DEC/2000 PACKAGED BY : MYTH TEAM PROTECTION : Securom FILE FORMAT : ACE GAME GENRE : Racing SYSTEM REQ'S: P300, 64 MB RAM, 1400MB HD, DX7+, 3D Card [ RELEASE NOTES ] Join us now, see below for details ... ALWAYS READ THIS NFO Release Notes: Seems cls needs a little better quality control, other than claiming that people should read the nfo and run rename.bat. Anyway, during a championship rally, you will be hit by a cdcheck before a stage in Australia due to raped files. As usual, it's quite hard to figure out what weird things cls did to a game to make it fit the disk limit, hence we did a complete working version. And by the way, the cls-rip would not have fitted in 65 disks with the raped tracks in as they did not use mp3... We included savegames proving that the cls-rip had a problem: Copy the savegames in fuckup.ace from disk 1 to your gamesave directory, start the game, select rally, then select championship, then load game0001.rcs. Start the race, and finish it, then you get the error. Sorry but this was the last save-point before the error :) Game Notes: The ultimate driving experience, drive 12 of the greatest rally cars in 8 countries around the world in the most authentic rally driving experience ever! Put your foot down in the all new multi-car Arcade Rally mode with over 8 fantastic, unique looped circuits with 6 cars racing simultaneously. Plus commentary from the legendary Ned Jarret. Features: - Now with 6 car arcade rally! - The most breathtaking, focused, exhilarating, rally experience of the year. - Super charged new game engine. - Over 90 new tracks over 8 countries. - 13 world-famous rally cars. - New damage and car physics engine. - Dynamic TV-style camera viewpoints. - 2 player split screen racing. Find more info under : ****:// Ripped Data: Movies, Music and the hires-textures. [ INSTALL NOTES ] 1. Unzip. 2. Unace manually or use our installer (if you unace manually, you'll have to unace crack.ace to your gamedir afterwards). 3. Run setup.bat to decompress files. 4. Import colin.reg to your registry. 5. Run CMR2.EXE to play and enjoy the FULL game. It should be mentioned that people should not turn on hires... [ NEWS + APPLICATION iNFO ] ( Group News ) ( Application Information ) Membership Benefits: We offer membership of the finest scene group, which entails access to the best sites available. We can provide download leech for: 0day/ISO/VCD/DIVX/PSX/MP3/N64/PDA/GBC/DC and more :) We believe if you contribute to the scene you should be able to reap the rewards of it ;) We also understand the costs involved with SUPPLYING the latest unreleased GAMES. Thus we are the ONLY, yes the ONLY group that offers suppliers a money back guarantee, PAY BACK. We always reimburse! Why should you pay and others get it for free? Remember we are the only GROUP who offer this! Also we can provide crackers with custom TOOLS to help new crackers with the latest protections, we work as a cracking team! We also have the only specific trading team designed for the group, only we provide this. Thus our team is the fastest :) But above all of this, we are friendly. Something of a rarity these days in the scene. We often have group meetings in PERSON. We are FRIENDS as well as members. Join us now, before others get in before you! Membership Requirements: GAME SUPPLIERS WANTED: - Games must be new and unreleased. - USA shop suppliers on the East Coast and with a T3 connection. - Insiders do not need a fast internet connnection. - Distributor and Wholesaler workers in any country. - Game Magazine, News Media, TV or Radio reviewers! - Workers in software companies, developers or publishers! - Duplicator workers who can get access to fast games. See below for a more detailed requirements list.... USA store suppliers - If you have a fast T3 or above connection, live on the USA, East coast and happen to be near a Electronics Boutique, Babbage's, Best Buy, or other store that sells software, and can be available during the day or morning of most weekdays to supply. Join us now! Do not worry about your skills, if you can fit the bill we shall show you the rest. Insiders do not need a fast internet connnection. Contact us now! Use the contact information below. Game insider suppliers - individuals connected in any way with the distribution process of new software, whether it be software companies, store/shops, distributor, publisher, duplicators, game magazine, tech support for software publishing houses. Insiders do not need a fast internet connnection. Crackers and Mega Trainers - Can you do SAFEDISC/C-DILLA or SECUROM or VOB protections? You must be able to do this without tools available on the net, as protections change. You must understand how these protections work to break future versions of them! What about quality menu driven TRAINERS? Contact us now! Use the contact information below. (FREE) Hardware Suppliers - If you work for a company in the hardware industry and have access to some GOOD hardware of any type, you may just be the person we're looking for. Contact us now! Use the contact information below. Shell Acounts - we are looking for T3 MINIMUM shellboxes to help out the team. Massive giggage is not required, but 4+ gig is helpful of course. Contact us now! Use the contact information below. Couriers - We are NOT accepting courier applications, so please don't waste our time and your by telling us what a great trader you are. Unless you can also do something that is outlined in the application details above of course. Then we could of course welcome you straight away ;) ALWAYS REMEMBER: WE DO THIS JUST FOR FUN! AND WE ARE AGAINST COMMERCIALISATION! IN FACT WE BUY ALL OUR OWN GAMES, AS WE LOVE GAMES, AND WE ARE NOT JOKING! IF YOU LIKE THIS GAME, BUY IT, WE DID! [ HEADQUARTERS ] NAME MYTH PC GROUP POSITION LOCATION ** WORLD HEADQUARTER Earth APPLY now EUROPEAN HEADQUARTER ? OPEN APPLY now COURIER HEADQUARTER ? OPEN ** ASiAN HEADQUARTER ASiA *** CZECH REPUBLIC HEADQUARTER Czech *** UNITED KINGDOM HEADQUARTER United Kingdom ** GERMAN HEADQUARTER Germany *** UNITED STATES HEADQUARTER USA *** UNITED STATES HEADQUARTER USA *** UNITED STATES HEADQUARTER USA *** POLISH HEADQUARTER Poland *** NORWEGIAN HEADQUARTER Norway *** SWEDISH HEADQUARTER Sweden APPLY now JAPANESE HEADQUARTER ? Japan APPLY now 2ND UNITED KINGDOM HEADQUARTER ? United Kingdom [ GROUP GREETS ] Regards to our Friends from.. . DEViANCE . DYNASTY . PARADOX PSX . HYBRiD . CORE . RISE . LAXITY . . SAC . RE:PLAY . BMI . MFD . APC . RNS . NLRIP . ULFC . EGG . . RAZOR 1911 . COUNCIL . CIFE . FLT . CLASSLESS 97+FiX . [ CONTACT ] IRC : EFNET SERVER - /JOiN #MYTH WWW : NEVER! (NO HELP NEEDED THANKS) EMAIL : GODS@MYTHELITE.COM NOTE : Read below before sending any e-mails MYTH DOES NOT PASSWORD FILES, OTHERS DO THAT! MYTH DOES NOT MAIL/SEND/PASSWORD MISSING FILES! MYTH DOES NOT PUBLISH FILES ON WEB SITES, NEVER! MYTH DOES NOT DO TECHNICAL SUPPORT, NEVER EVER! MYTH DOES NOT NEED HELP WITH ANY WEB SITES! NFO LAYOUT + HEADER BY FERREX OF SUPERIOR ART CREATIONS [ UPDATED BY MYTH LEADER ] [ ON 22/OCT/2000 ] " colin works 100% fine go test it" "if you want small fixes, make your releases easier to understand :)" visit: ****:// *** proudly presents *** ColinMcRaeRally2 US ver./fixed exe,no-cd Submit By BOT-CK [Type of release] [Type of protection] [ ] App [x] Crack [x] CD Check [ ] Nag [x] Game [ ] Serial [ ] Key file [ ] Serial [ ] Other [ ] KeyGen [ ] Expiration/Time Limit [ ] Key file [x] Other: SecuRom o oo oo oo oo oo oo oo o [Crack Release Date] [09.12.2000] [Where to get] ****:// [ Instructions ] They full working crack from myth! Plz buy this game. enjoy! WAR AGAINST BOT?IMPOSSIBLE TO WIN!

colin mcrae rally 2 crack no cd | checked



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