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Bruno Mars Gorilla Official Music Video

Mars had been filming the music video for "Gorilla" as he announced on his Twitter account, on October 2, 2013. He said "Sorry i've been M.I.A, I was shooting a music video. #WinkWink #FRIKIKIKIKI #BangBang Wait till you see this".[54] It was directed by Mars and regular collaborator Cameron Duddy.[55][9] On October 10, 2013 it was announced on Bruno Mars's official website, leading up to the release of the video, the unveil of teasers every day via his Instagram account.[56] The teasers included a car parked in front of a strip club, a reptile, and an angry boss played by Luis Guzmán.[57] Duddy along with Mars sought to create "more than a standard strip-club video" by researching and going into strip clubs to appreciate the architecture of the local.[53] Nevertheless, the search for the ideal strip club was fruitless, so Mars and Duddy decided to build one: "a joint that seemed like it was lifted straight out of Havana, dark and sweaty and seemingly untouched by time. They painted the walls themselves, and went back and forth on just what color neon they should use".[53]

Bruno Mars Gorilla Official Music Video

When the time came to cast someone to play a stripper, the only name was Freida Pinto's one. However, Duddy had some doubts her choice, since he considered her "safe". To this, Mars replied "it's important to use someone who hasn't been seen in this light before". All in all, Duddy confessed that he trusted Mars instincts regarding Pinto's choice for the role.[53] Duddy explained that some scenes recorded for the video were dangerous. Pinto could have harmed herself in the scene where "she sheds her clothes among a sea of sparks", as well as Mars's guitar player "He got dangerously close to having his head burned".[53] Muriel Villera starts as one of the jealous strippers.[58] The official music video was set to premiere on October 14, 2013.[56] Nevertheless, its release was delayed one day by Mars himself stating "I want it to be the best it can be. With that being said, I need one more day".[59] The video, finally arrived on October 15, 2013 exclusively via Facebook.[60]

The music video opens with a pair of jealous strippers applying lipstick and caddying back-and-forth between backstage, in a South of the Border strip zoo named "La Jungla".[9][61] Meanwhile, Mars's "Money Make Her Smile" can be heard from the room, the two of them are talking about a new girl who has been "fooling around" with someone else's man (Mr. Mars). The scene ends with one of the two women saying, "Wait 'til I tell the boss who she's sleeping with". It is shown that the new girl, Isabella, has been listening to the conversation and it's her time to dance as soon as the boss says so.[9] The role of Isabella is portrayed by Indian actress Pinto, who after an introduction by Guzmán, the zoo owner, starts to pull off "gravity-defying spins on the pole" as Mars and his mates, who serve as the house band, perform the song.[9][61] On the following scene, Isabella sheds her clothes with such rage that sparks fall from the ceiling while Mars stares at her intensely singing "You and me baby making love like gorillas". As the second verse starts, intermittent shots of Mars and Isabella "heating up the backseat of a car" along with shots of her "grinding on customers" and banging on Mars's chest as he sings the line "Bang Bang, Gorilla". The former shots are shown throughout the video.[9][61][62] As the video continues, Isabella is shown "to drop on her knees and lick" Mars's guitar. She grabs it and pours tequila over the same, before using a lighter to set it on fire.[9][62] Afterwards, the roof sprinklers come on and Isabella lets the water shower her while she stands on her underwear.[62] The video ends in a chase scene in which Mars runs down through a dimly lit aisle, and suddenly transforms into a giant gorilla, while Isabella is seen at the end of the pathway waiting for him.[9] The video doesn't contain any of the teasers Mars released days before the video, including the iguana shot, the outer car scene and the one with Luis Guzman listening to the intro for Isabella.[63]

This song (esp the music video) is fantastic. I play it to set the mood (if you know what I mean!) and my boyfriend has reaped the rewards!!!!! Will definately stay on my "sexy" playlist for years to cum... (cough cough)

Having listened to Bruno Mars' last album 'Unorthodox Jukebox', one wouldn't expect the song Gorilla to make it to video. Cheesy lyrics that allude to fornicating like a gorilla doesn't exactly bring pleasant imagery to your mind no matter how soulful it sounds. But we were wrong.

Il video musicale è ambientato in uno strip club dove Mars canta rivolgendosi alla ballerina, interpretata da Freida Pinto[6], che si sta esibendo, poi seguono scene dove il cantante hawaiano e la ballerina sono insieme in un'auto, e verso la fine si vede la ballerina che scappa da Mars che si trasforma in un gorilla. Il video musicale in anteprima sulla pagina ufficiale di Facebook di Bruno Mars, dove ha avuto oltre 500.000 like in un giorno e 1 milione di visualizzazioni in poco più di un'ora.[7].

var addthis_config = "data_track_addressbar":true;If you are excited to watch the Gorilla music video by Bruno Mars, then be prepared to see a new kind of jungle. Get to see some new breed of roaring and fiery animals in La Jungla as hungry mommas compete for the attention of the Alpha male, the Gorilla.While the boss gets the new girl, Bruno Mars is quite happy with the hottest one from the lot. Be warned if your in the office, the video features some graphic scenes where they go #BangBang, jungle and rough style. Enjoy the music video, despite its delay... which I think is kind of worth it.Watch the music video of Gorilla by Bruno Mars.Gorilla is the fourth single from Bruno Mar's second studio album, Unorthodox Jukebox. It was produced by The Smeezingtons, Emile Haynie, Jeff Bhasker and Mark Ronson and written by Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence and Ari Levine.As you may see Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) plays Bruno Mar's roaring love interest, Isabella. You might also recognize Luis Guzman as the bar owner. 041b061a72


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