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Cimline UPDATED Crack Sealing 110 Magma Manual

The system of heat sealing Cimline represents a solution of preventive maintenance proven over the years and extremely effective, very versatile in view of the ability to fill and seal cracks with widths varying from 5 to 70 mm (the variation depends on many factors such as the type of flooring, the environmental conditions, the amount and type of traffic, the distribution on the surface of loads etc.). Behind the simplicity of this principle, the sealing of the crack obtained by clogging lie actually sophisticated research on the materials that make up the sealant and complex audits on the measures required to maintain the characteristics of temperature, viscosity and adhesion of the bitumen fluid, the plant melting the slot.Breakthrough to heal, before receiving the sealant must be properly prepared.In case you are faced with a crack from the profile and irregular geometry the first stage consists in the widening and regularize the section of the crack, by use of a milling machine dry, specially designed to follow the path of the crack. Router PCR-25 is a milling machine to drag, a pointer and a shoe allow the operator to simultaneously control the progress of the crack, the speed and the milling depth.

Cimline Crack Sealing 110 Magma Manual

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Fundamental reveals the phase in which, by means of a lance compressed air, provision is made to remove dust and debris from the slot in order to promote adhesion of the sealant to the surfaces and the pouring in depth. In the presence of water or moisture into the cracks, it is possible to intervene with the heating of the edges of the slit, using a special lance which blows hot air under pressure, by evaporating the moisture, avoiding a sudden cooling of the sealant and promoting cohesion of the same to surfaces. This leads to the most important phase: sealing. From the tank the Sealer Magma, where fusion takes place, the sealing material, consisting of a mixture gum-bituminous additive, slides inside a heated hose and from here to the lance paving, maneuvered manually. In order to regularize the shape of the sealing bead, one can intervene manually by means of a special tool screed, so as to remove the possible amount of excess material. In general, you should do the sealing during the spring or autumn, or in the presence of an intermediate situation between the expansion and contraction summer winter. However, the sealants used by Magma (9 products with different ranges of temperature / surface) belong to the category High Performance (SAP) and guarantee high yields in various situations.


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