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Khilona Movie __FULL__

The film begins with a family knitted with a fragrance of love and affection. Vijay Verma its paterfamilias lives along with his ideal wife Ganga, devoted younger brother Sharad and a daughter Guddy. Sharad loves his fellow collegian Poonam gets married and acquires a fine job but sadly, gets separated from his family. After a while, Ganga gives birth to the second child Suraj. Eventually, she learns that Poonam can never conceive, and benevolent Ganga bestows her child for adoption. Here, Vijay feels proud of Ganga. Time passes, Sharad earns well, and additionally, Vijay wins a huge amount in a lottery. Then, Ganga a shade of selfishness embarks in Ganga and she decides to retrieve her son. Despite the urges of Poonam. However, Sharad gives back the child and quits the place. Knowing it, Vijay screams, disowns Ganga, and leaves with his children. Thus, Ganga is unable to bear the guilt and struck herself. Meanwhile, Vijay reaches Sharad and apologizes by returning to Suraj. Immediately, Sharad & Poonam rushes to Ganga when they spot her in an unconscious state. After that, she pleads for pardon from everyone and they forgive her. Finally, the movie ends on a happy note with the reunion of the family.

Khilona Movie


So what happened here? So the thing is, Binny is the one who killed Baby. As we saw in one of the party scenes, the last baby was with is Binny, and Abha had noticed the fact. Not a grown-up man or woman but an innocent child who opted to go for this movie. What led her to do this? Throughout the short film, Binny often mentioned how she thought about rich people being gifted. As mentioned above, the sisters struggle on an everyday basis for a single bread, whereas the rich ones get gifted right away. 350c69d7ab


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